The International Land Coalition (ILC) is a global action network of 207 organizations from more than 60 countries working together to promote secure and equitable access to and control over land. The Coalition has a diverse membership of intergovernmental, NGOs, rural people's organizations, and research institutes. One of ILC’s main objectives is to influence land-related policies’ formulation and implementation at country level. Through its diverse membership, ILC consolidated multi-stakeholder platforms and processes at the country level, developing concrete 1-3 year action plans to be implemented on the ground. These came to be defined and consolidated as the “National Engagement Strategy” of the country (usually referred to as NES).

The present National Engagement Strategy-NES was developed to be implemented in 2014 with the objectives of ascertaining the intervention modalities and areas for ILC, its members and partners in Bangladesh on the issues of land governance in general and access to land and natural resources of the poor and marginalized communities in particular (including women and Indigenous people). It does so by taking into account the social, political, and economic and gender context of the present day, Bangladesh with regard to the peoples’ access to land and natural resources and how to safeguard these rights of the poor. The NES has intended to engage the relevant stakeholders in a focused, coordinated, coherent and responsive manner that emerged from past experience and lessons.

As agreed, ILC members and partners have shouldered the overall responsibility for the implementation of the NES. However, at country level, members and partners taken part with the lead of ALRD serving as secretariat and also the institutional anchor for the implementation of the activities. As described, a committee/working group formed consisting 4 ILC members ALRD, ARBAN, CDA, and Kapaeeng Foundation in Bangladesh where ALRD continued to act as focal point.

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