Background and Legal Status

Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) was established in January 1991 as a single focused Rights based independent National Policy Advocacy and Networking Organisation committed to the promotion and strengthening of land rights and agrarian reform. It succeeds the NGO Coordination Council for Land Reform Program (NCCLRP) which was formed in 1987 at the initiative of some of the renowned NGOs in Bangladesh such as Oxfam (GB), NijeraKori, BRAC, ComillaProshika, Caritas, GUP, RDRS, Proshika MUK, ASA etc.

NCCLRP as a coalition was formed with the mandate to support and undertake complementary initiatives to the Government khas land (Governments land) distribution program. Central to that support was raising awareness of the grassroots people on the relevant laws, policies and guidelines of the government and as well as mobilization of the NGOs in the distribution process of khas land among the landless and rural poor. NCCLRP had notable success in this initiative and to further carry forward this important undertaking, the founders decided to formally setting up an independent organization. ALRD is the outcome of this decision.

Thus from its very beginning, ALRD has been bestowed with the mandate of mobilizing the grassroots peoples with the civil society as allies for claiming and establishing the rights of the poor and marginalize communities including the indigenous people (adivasis), over land and natural resources.

Legal Status

ALRD is registered with the following authorities of the Government of Bangladesh:

  • Registered in August 1991 with the Joint Stock Companies under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.(vide registration No. S-1421(55)/91).
  • And also registered with NGO Affairs Bureau in the same year under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance 1978 (vide registration No. 570)

Contact Details

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