Vision Mission & Core Value


ALRD envisions a Bangladesh where upholding the rights of the citizen is the cornerstone of the State and where the State is pro-actively pursuing the promotion and strengthening of the rights of poor and the marginalized, including the most vulnerable of the society; landless peasants, indigenous peoples, women and religious and other minority communities. ALRD further aspires for a Bangladesh that adopts secularism as key guiding principle and gender equity and social justice are considered as key objectives of all its undertakings.


ALRD strives for realization of a pro-poor and gender sensitive land and agrarian regime based on comprehensive reforms through advocacy and sensitization of the policy makers, public representatives and other relevant stakeholders. Mobilization of the grassroots stakeholders and their representative organizations in alliance with civil society, intelligentsia and media is key achieving this mission.

Core Values

ALRD is committed to and believes in:

  • Attaining gender sensitive organizational environment and promote gender equity and equality at all levels of organizational program planning, management and practices.
  • Cooperating with destitute landless peasants, women, indigenous peoples, minority communities, marginalized groups and the disabled for establishing their rights over land, other productive resources and promote their empowerment.
  • Extending cooperation and support to groups, organizations and individuals who work on land issues for the poor, women and indigenous peoples.
  • Working towards establishing a society free from discrimination and exploitation for ensuring human rights, social justice and equitable distribution of resources.
  • Promoting active involvement of all partners at all levels, ensure accountability, good governance, transparency and information sharing at all levels of the organization.
  • Initiating self-analysis and self-criticism as important means for achieving professional excellence in the organization.
  • Facilitating local level participation of stakeholders in planning, implementation, management and evaluation of ALRD initiated activities at all levels.

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