Future Strategic Directions

Future Strategic Directions

Drawing upon the experiences and lessons of its work of the last decades and in order to give focus on its future initiatives and also with the objectives of maximizing the impacts of its interventions, ALRD has recently elaborated a Long-Term Strategic Planning document that lays down its ‘future strategic priorities and directions’. The following is a summary of ALRD’s future strategic directions:

  • Policy Advocacy on land and agrarian reform issues at national and international levels. Developing a strong relationship with government and various non-governmental agencies together with effective alliance and networking with relevant stakeholders remains key to any future successful advocacy initiative and which ALRD will pursue with utmost vigour.
  • Awareness raising and sensitization of the poor and the marginalized in order for them to claim and assert their rights on land, water and other natural resources.
  • Partnership building with all relevant stakeholders and implementation of activities through a ‘partnership approach’ and to this end, support the partners in their capacity building.
  • To work towards establishing effective coordination among the network partner NGOs and between NGOs and government and to pursue alliance building with civil society and media.
  • Promotion and strengthening of human rights, in particular, in the area of ‘access to land and natural resources’ of the poor and the marginalized, more specifically, the indigenous peoples, women and minority communities.
  • Promotion of gender justice and equity in all spheres of society and to this end, incorporate this issue in all its programmatic interventions.
  • Finally, to work on continued development of its own organizational capacity.

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