Major Achievements of ALRD and Partners

Since its establishment, together with its partners and allies, ALRD’s constant advocacy on land rights issues has resulted with major changes and reforms in relevant policies and laws. Some of the most notable successful cases are;

  • Repeal of the Vested Property Act (considered as singularly discriminatory against the Hindu religious minorities) and subsequent enactment of the Vested Property Restoration Act 2001.
  • Enactment of the Registration (amendment) Act 2004 that brought about major reforms in land registration and record keeping system.
  • Adoption of ‘Khas Land Distribution Policy’ by the Government. ALRD was closely involved in drafting and elaboration of the original Khas land distribution policy,.wherein women are given equal right and title over Khas (govt) land.
  • ALRD was closely involved in the incorporation of the relevant chapters on Land and Agrarian Reforms of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) of the Government of Bangladesh. Its advocacy was conducive in highlighting the conditions of some the most marginalized communities (e.g. Dalits, sewerage cleaners, cobblers, landless poor, char dwellers, etc.) of the country, giving them priority in the distribution of khas land.
  • ALRD provided technical assistance to Directorates of Land Records in preparing Citizen’s Charter elaborating DLR’s duty to the citizen of the country. The Charter is recognized as a very useful instrument for the grassroots people in uphold the land management administration accountable.
  • LRD’s advocacy, in part, was conducive in reactivating of the CHT Land Commission, a key part of the CHT Peace Accord, which stipulates arbitration over the cases of land disputes in the region.
  • International and Regional Membership: ALRD is a member of International Land Coalition (ILC) based in Rome and Asian NGOs Coalition for Agrarian Reforms (ANGOC) based in Manila.

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