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Workshop on "Secure Rights of the Poor People to the Public Land and Water bodies"

 30th December 2015 – A workshop was organized by Association for Realization of Basic Needs (ARBAN) titled on "Secure Rights of the Poor People to the Public Land and Water bodies" under National Engagement Strategy-NES-2 financed by ILC. The workshop was held at Dasmina Upazila (sub-district) in Patuakhali District- a coastal region of Bangladesh. The objective of the workshop was to mobilize people on land rights at large by engaging all stakeholders from different sector including government. The workshop presided over by the Dasmina Upazila Parishad Women Vice-Chairman Dr. Shamsunnahar Khan Dolly. The chief guest was Mr. Ajaharul Islam, Dashmina Upazila Chief Executive Officer and the special guest was Dasmina Upazila Parishad Vice-Chairman M. Fakrujjaman Badal.

The keynote paper on “Poor People’s Right to Public Land and Water bodies” written by Shanjida Khan Ripa from ALRD for the workshop was presented by Professor M. Shahidul Islam (Agriculturist), Patabunia Agricultural College, Golachipa, Patuakhali. The panel discussants were Principal Abdur Rashid, Talukder Degree College; Principal Moslem Uddin, Dasmina Islamia Madrasa; Golam Mostafa, Lawyer; and Quazi Anowar, Headmaster, Banglabazar Secondary School, Dasmina.

Through the discussion over the workshop gave a clear picture to the audiences on the way to identify khas (public) land, criteria for allocation khas land to the landless people, process for application to get the khas water bodies etc. The workshop also mobilized participants against grabbing of agricultural lands and they agreed to give the Khas land and water bodies directly to the landless communities. They recommended for taking necessary actions to distribute the khas water bodies to the authentic fishermen. Similarly, they demanded skill development trainings on fish farming for the youths to create employment for them and distribute the settlement of khas water bodies to trained youths.

Association for realization of Basic Needs-ARBAN

Association for realization of Basic Needs-ARBAN, a Non Govt. Development Organization, concerned with fundamental rights and the basic needs of the people, was founded on 18th February 1984. ARBAN believes that all development projects and programmes designed and implemented by the Government, NGOs, International Organizations, UN bodies and others should be directed towards the fulfillment of the basic needs and fundamental rights of the people who live in perpetual poverty, famine, malnutrition, disease, deprivation, indebtedness, injustice and exploitations.

ARBAN envisions a just society based on social justice, human dignity, equity, equality, democratic and secular values free from exploitation, poverty, disparities, misrule, corruption, and gender inequalities leading to freedom and emancipation of disadvantaged powerless people irrespective of caste, creed, and religious beliefs.

ARBAN is committed to work with the disadvantaged and powerless people for their socio-economic, cultural, and political empowerment by promoting and practicing democratic values and participatory process at all levels to the realization of the basic needs and environmentally sustainable development, establishment of fundamental human rights and equity and equality of women and men in the society.

ARBAN will dedicate its resources for the empowerment and emancipation of the disadvantaged women, men, adolescents and children by raising their critical consciousness, releasing their creative potentials and building people’s organization to improve their socio-economic status enabling establishment of genuine democracy and good governance.

The broad objective of ARBAN is to arouse and advance awareness and awakening of the poor and powerless people on socio-economic, political, human, women and children’s rights, health, ecology, environment, peace, democracy, governance, and consumer’s issues through dialogical process leading to collective actions for their self-determination.

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